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The only creative writing book to use NLP techniques In "NLP for Writers," writer Bekki Hill helps you improve your narratives through the power of NLP. The focused, goal-orientated learning in this unique guide outlines step by step the different ways in which NLP can be used to develop a better mastery of character, plot and story by connecting emotionally with your reader.

Title:NLP For Writers
Edition Language:English

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    NLP For Writers Reviews

  • Matthew

    Good stuff about this bookAll right, I'm gonna fanboy here for a moment and say almost everything was worth the time and money invested in this book. This is also the first time I sat down and really ...

  • Aleksandr Voinov

    This is entirely focused on NLP for character creation, applying the NLP principles (aka, "presuppositions") to characters. It's especially useful for people aiming to write a solid, more believable "...

  • Robert Day

    Definitely a book to read over and over again because, although the concepts and clear enough and are well explained, there is a lot to take in over a short period of time.Often, whilst reading, I had...

  • Cliff Yates

    I already love NLP. It can be a lifelong learning adventure. Having a better understanding of how we process information taken in through our senses, and the meaning we give to that information which ...