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Pack 6 Books in 1 - Remis Family Ebook

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English - book pages - ISBN-10: 8835866243 - ISBN-13: 9788835866244

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Giving our kids stories that show small tasks and teach them good habits, manners and discipline is very important. Learning these good habits and manners will help them by: - building their self-esteem - giving them a positive attitude - make them feel they belong to the family - giving them skills to organize their life in the future - get your kids to become responsible adults And will also help toddler parenting providing practical tools for: - parenting guidance - parenting discipline - toddler activities - toddler discipline books - toddler learning books The Remis Family Books are kids picture books but also parenting books. Why? Because are a funny and easy way to show kids how to achieve goals, by using toddler books with visual reminders to create routines they can learn easily. This parenting collection Pack of 6 Books in 1 are dedicated to kids learning to read books and includes, with a great discount: [ Remis Family Book 1 ] - Remis Want To Help Mom [ Remis Family Book 2 ] - Remis Share What They Love Mom To Do [ Remis Family Book 3 ] - Remis Share Their Morning Routine [ Remis Family Book 4 ] - Remis Share Their Afternoon Routine [ Remis Family Book 5 ] - Remis Tricks To Calm Down [ Remis Family Book 6 ] - Remis Want to Learn Spanish Our toddler story books are adequate for for toddlers, for older kids, and will help motherhood tasks of organizing life at home and educate better. Your family can also use it as a kids chores organizer or kids chores planner in digital form. The Remis Family Books for children's to encourage good behavior and learning skills. (2020 Edition)



Craig Mercado

This is one of the best books that I have read so far in my life. You won't be disappointed.

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