Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity

Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity Review

An instant New York Times bestseller

In Embrace Your Weird, New York Times bestselling author, producer, actress, TV writer, and award-winning web series creator, Felicia Day takes you on a journey to find, rekindle, or expand your creative passions.

Including Felicia’s personal stories and hard-won wisdom, Embrace Your Weird offers:

—Entertaining and revelatory exercises that empower you to be fearless, so you can rediscover the things that bring you joy, and crack your imagination wide open

—Unique techniques to vanquish enemies of creativity like: anxiety, fear, procrastination, perfectionism, criticism, and jealousy

—Tips to cultivate a creative community

—Space to explore and get your neurons firing

Whether you enjoy writing, baking, painting, podcasting, playing music, or have yet to uncover your favorite creative outlet, Embrace Your Weird will help you unlock the power of self-expression. Get motivated. Get creative. Get weird.

Title:Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity
Edition Language:English

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  • Kevin Shepherd

    If misfits had a monarchy, Felicia Day would be our queen!"Life is so much easier when we conform and stay silent, right? Easier, but one of the greatest disservices we can do to ourselves. Aside f...

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    60-second video review here} ---> http://bit.ly/Embrace_Your_Weird First of all, if you are considering ordering this for Kindle (or any other ebook reader), consider a paperback copy (you will thank ...

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    Embrace Your Weird is a non-fiction and self help manifesto encouraging creativity and told in Felicia Day's unmistakably humorous way.I say "unmistakable" for any of her myriad fans who have watched ...

  • Linda

    Two and a half stars.I decided to listen to this book on a whim. I liked the cover, and I'm plenty weird, so why not? I had no idea that Felicia Day is an actress, famous gamer and creator of some web...

  • Ian

    Felicia has long been a superhero of creativity. From her web series The Guild, to the numerous shows she created at her media company Geek & Sundry, to her many writing and producing projects, she ha...

  • Jason Carpenter

    Can I please have the option of giving this book ten stars? I can't begin to say enough about it. And it isn't just about being a well-written book, it's about how much this book has already helped me...

  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks

    How I read this: Free audiobook copy received through Libro.fmDNF @ roughly 50%Okay, let's face it, I have been trying to finish this book since like last October. I need to face up to the fact that i...

  • book bruin

    Audiobook ReviewOverall 4 starsPerformance 5 starsStory/Content 3-3.5 starsI have never really read or listened to a self help book before, but was intrigued by the blurb and premise. Who doesn't want...

  • Elizabeth Amber Love

    This review is a courtesy provided by NetGalley. First of all, if you notice that I'm writing this review in a more casual/conversational style like I'm talking directly to you, that's what you'll get...

  • TraceyL

    This book is chock full of exercises to help the reader understand their true selves and increase their creativity. I didn't actually do the exercises in this book. I love Felicia Day and gave her pre...