Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 132 (Clarkesworld Magazine #132)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 132 (Clarkesworld Magazine #132) Review

"Antarctic Birds" by A. Brym
"Little /^^^\&-" by Eric Schwitzgebel
"The Secret Life of Bots" by Suzanne Palmer
"Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics" by Jess Barber and Sara Saab
"Möbius Continuum" by Gu Shi, translated by S. Qiouyi Lu
"Bonding with Morry" by Tom Purdom
"Warmth" by Geoff Ryman

"Artificial Wombs and Control of Reproductive Technology" by Stephanie M. Bucklin
"Occult Agencies and Political Satire: A Conversation with Charles Stross" by Chris Urie
"Another Word: The Dream of Writing Full Time" by Kelly Robson
"Editor's Desk: Home for the Month" by Neil Clarke

Title:Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 132 (Clarkesworld Magazine #132)
Edition Language:English

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    Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 132 (Clarkesworld Magazine #132) Reviews

  • Tadiana ?Night Owl?

    5 stars for the delightful novelette "The Secret Life of Bots" in this magazine issue, which won the Hugo Award in 2018. It's free online here at Clarkesworld magazine. Review first posted on Fantasy ...

  • carol.

    'The Secret Life of Bots' 2018 Hugo Best Novelette elderly ship-borne bot is pulled back into service.“I am assigning you task nine hundred forty four in th...

  • Cathy

    Review for The Secret Life of Bots— by SUZANNE PALMER —Are bot stories a hot, new commodity this year? Not that I am complaining, there just seems to be an abundance of misbehaving, self-aware bot...

  • Bradley

    '18 Hugo nom for the shorter fictions!I actually read this one at a previous date and liked it well enough then, too, but even from last year's Best-of Clarksworld, there were better stories. Alas.Tha...

  • Claudia

    The Secret Life of Bots— by SUZANNE PALMER —Kinda cute but childish. Not one I would nominee for Hugo.Can be read here:

  • Lata

    Not a deep tale, but bot 9 and its pal 4340 are cute together while they go on a bug hunt; meanwhile, their ship is on a critical mission to stop an alien ship from destroying Earth. And it’s a good...

  • Dennis

    ***The Secret Life of Bots by Suzanne Palmer***Mankind is at war again.We're aboard a spaceship that's trying to interfere with the extraterrestrial threat.The ship itself is pissed for being in stora...

  • Csar Bustos

    REVIEW FOR "THE SECRET LIFE OF BOTS""I have a purpose, therefore I serve."Enjoyable. I'm always willing to read robot stories and this was particularly entertaining. I liked the whole AI Mantra stuff ...

  • Silvana

    This is the Year of the Bots! Not less than three works are nominated for the Hugo, from short story to novelette and novella. Is this a trend now among SFF authors? With the amount of artificial inte...

  • Rachel (Kalanadi)

    "Antarctic Birds" by A. Brym - 2*Absolutely no clue what this was."Little /^^^\&-" by Eric Schwitzgebel - 3*Also little what this one was, but it was entertainingly weird."The Secret Life of Bots" by ...