How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving

How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving Review

Thanksgiving cooking, simplified

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a bit of a project--but a rewarding one--and with this inspiring collection of recipes from Mark Bittman, author of the award-winning How to Cook Everything series, anyone can be confident preparing the big meal. Here is a quick reference that's sure to be your kitchen companion for many holidays to come. How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving includes 20 of Bittman's favorite celebration recipes--plus 29 variations and helpful how-to illustrations--to ensure you feast well without all the hassle. Complete with both beloved classics and non-traditional ideas, from easy appetizer dips and autumnal sides to the iconic turkey, vegetarian mains, and delicious, make-ahead desserts, this is one guest that's always invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

Title:How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving

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    How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving Reviews

  • James

    BlahA really uninspiring Thanksgiving cookbook. Not recommended for anyone trying to get creative or a fan of casseroles. There's even a bare-bones recipe for mashed potatoes. ...