My Last Chance

My Last Chance Review

I’ve made lots of mistakes.

But never one like this.

Back in high school, the girl next door spent a serendipitous night in my arms. But she wasn’t my type or really up to my level.

So I walked away not knowing her secret—our secret.

Years later, I’m still at the top of my game, ruling my own chunk of the world.

She walks into my office a different woman. Strong, sexy, and dead set on revenge.

I need to walk away again, but I can’t. She’s a different person, and yet, all the things that first had me taking a chance with her pull me back in—deeper this time.

She’s going to wreck my life, one bad decision at a time, and fuck me, I’m going to let her.

The fact that the little man who calls her mom acts like me stops me in my tracks. He even loves the same things I do.

Surely not.

No damn way I’ve been a selfish bastard and haven’t considered the possibilities of our night together so long ago, but it’s true.

He’s mine, and I’m instantly in love with both of them.

I need one more chance, and I’ll do anything to get it.

Title:My Last Chance

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  •  B.E.Love

    3 1/2 stars...

  • Judy Lewis

    SWEET, SEXY, SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE!!!Title: My Last ChanceAuthor: Weston ParkerDesignation: Full-Length, Standalone, No Cliffhanger, Contemporary Romance #newadult #secondchance #secretbabyMy Rating: ...

  • MrsJoseph

    I tried this because the author is male. I don't read a lot of male written Romance.It was meh. Typical jock/not-popular girl trope. + a baby...

  • Michelle Quintana

    Romantic readThis book was better than expected. The story is told from both Lana and Sean's povs. Lana is knocked up at the age of 17 by her next door neighbor Sean, who she has had a crush on since ...

  • Sheri

    Normally I would do a blog post, but this review will be short, so I'm doing it straight in goodreads.My Last Chance sounded like a promising second chance romance, and in some ways it was. But the st...

  • JBird831

    Was NOT feeling this book... Definitely wasn't feeling Lana's character, the decision she made and how she goes about things with Sean... I'm usually all for the bad b*tch attitude when needed but her...

  • Space Cowgirl

    One 🌙Night Is Forever..Can one night of teenage wanting and lust change a young woman's life forever? You bet it can! And it did! For the fictional character, Lana💃💋, in this book, her whole ...

  • Lynn44

    Lana and Sean were next door neighbors, they had a one nightstand that left her pregnant and alone after he left for college. Six years later they meet again when Lana is pitching her Parent App to Se...

  • Beth

    I am pretty sure I have read one of Weston's books before??! Gotta find it ... think think, think! great read. pulls at your heartstrings tons. so sweet. I wish folks wouldn't keep secrets though. the...

  • Alice Streets

    I completely loved this book. It only took me five hours to read ;). I enjoy reading books that can't put down even to sleep lol. Lana Daniels grew up next door to Sean and they shared one hot night i...