Talkin' Trash

Talkin' Trash Review

Linc has two very important things on his mind—professional football and his motorcycle club.

What he does not have on his mind is the woman that drives him crazy and makes him want to do stupid things, like throw caution to the wind.

Nope, not Linc.

At least, that’s the lie he tells everyone.

In reality, every time Conleigh’s name is mentioned, he squirms.

She’s everything that he wants, wrapped up in a cute little package that is stamped ‘hands freakin’ off.’

She’s four years younger than him, in school to be a doctor, and thinks football is stupid.

Even more, Linc and Conleigh get along like oil and water.

There’s not a single second that they’re in each other’s presence that they’re not at each other’s throats.

But all it takes is hearing that she’s in trouble for Linc to drop every single thing—football and MC duties alike—and head to her side.

A side that he’ll remain at until they either kill each other, or finally give into the heat between them.

Either way you look at it, he’s well and truly screwed.

Title:Talkin' Trash
Edition Language:English

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    Talkin' Trash has inspired me to write odes, lyrics and sonnets in honor of Linc James. He was a pro-athlete for the NFL, a hot commodity, a member of the Bear Bottom Guardians MC, a son, a friend, ...

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    Linc and Conleigh know they belong together pretty early on in their life but the timing isn’t right. I loved reading their journey and the plot made it quite interesting. Ms. Vale does and amazing ...

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    I really enjoyed the light-heartedness of Conleigh and Linc’s story. After Mess Me Up, I needed this one to be lighter.I liked Linc from the beginning. I felt that he was a good man and that he did ...

  • Darcy

    I don't know about this one. I read it, but there was something about it that made me roll my eyes the whole time. Linc and Conleigh were over the top and not in a good way. I hated how both of their ...

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    Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on October 2, 2018.This is my first time reading Lani Lynn Vale, and I loved Talkin’ Trash so much that I am now busy devouring her extensiv...

  • Lu Bielefeld **

    #DNF 40% - annoying===================I say ‘one-time’ loosely, though. At one point, we’d discussed being more than friends, but then he’d gotten too big for his britches, so to speak, and ha...

  • Kodie Mackay

    Linc and Conleigh... fuck yes. Legit meant to be Together. They both knew the moment they met that they were IT for eachother but the future had some things in store for them first. Full review to com...

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