Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft

Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft Review

A unique look at how people have viewed magic and superstition, both historically and in the present day. Images are drawn from many private collections and have not been published before. Objects will include 'Witches in Bottles' spell books and other rare manuscripts. Spellbound explores the concept of 'magical thinking', which describes how people in all ages and cultures have sought to connect with an unseen world of perceived power. This concept of magical thinking is used here to explore the history of medicine and the mind, focusing in particular on magic's secular expressions. Spells, magical objects and rituals are engines of hope, and hope is essential to physical and mental health, indeed to survival. These ideas are explored and conveyed through the extraordinary visual culture of magic, offering an introduction to diverse magical objects, from the exquisite, such as engraved rings and illuminated manuscripts, to the unsettling - a shoe embedded in a wall or a bull's heart pierced with nails.

Title:Spellbound: Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft
Edition Language:English

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  • Joss

    I haven't seen the exhibition yet but glad I bought this first. Many images of exhibits of course, but worth having for the scholarly articles on magic, ritual and witchcraft from the Middle Ages to t...

  • Holly Cox

    A magnificent companion to a magnificent exhibition. ...