Immortal Review

Nine months after the Courier sacrificed himself to destroy the Adam and reduced the intelligent evols to shambling, mindless zombies, Else is preparing to give birth to the son of the man she loved.

The child is born during a terrible storm, and feral zombies attack Else’s house in the Queensland bush. She must battle zombies, crocodiles and the elements to get her newborn son to safety. The child is lost when Else’s small boat is swept away on flood waters. She joins forces with an Aboriginal hunter called Jirra to track the boat down the river to the sea – hoping that her baby is still alive.

Together they discover that the child has been taken by the Sea People. Human survivors that live on a derelict ship anchored off shore.

Else continues her search – reaching the ship and discovering that a rag-tag tribe of human survivors live below decks, building their own mythology under the iron rule of the evol Captain and crew. Most newborns are given to the crew – the stem-cell rich infants are enough to keep the evols functioning as intelligent dead.

Else encounters the different factions living in the superstructure, the Holders, The Engineers and The Fishermen. The first half of the book comes to an explosive conclusion as Else rescues her son and destroys the ship.

In part 2 Else finds herself the unwilling leader of a band of survivors who have not been on land in years. She decides to lead them to Mildura, where she hopes that Sister Mary will have a place for them.

The journey across the wasteland of Australia is hard and Else must learn to be a leader while struggling with her own demons and doubts. As the numbers of survivors grow Else is forced to make hard decisions. The sanctuary of Mildura is not as she had hoped – the scientist Donna is recreating the Tankbread programme – and wants to use Else and her son as tissue for experimentation.

After a hard fought battle against Donna and the hordes of dead, Else leads her growing tribe of survivors to a new life – and in her son she sees hope for a future.

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Shana Festa

    Immortal is the second book in Paul Mannering's Tankbread series. Some time has passed since the first book...about nine months, I'd say. The first chapter kick starts the action as Else gives birth, ...

  • Matthew Tait

    This sequel is an improvement on its predecessor. Though I will admit to a biased predilection with regards to style, I applaud Paul’s decision here to abandon first person narration in favor of an ...

  • John R. Dailey Jr.

    ANOTHER FINE TALE OF DETERMINATION IT IS.....Hello, you would think that this story would be about zombies. Sure, it's got zombies. I think, however, that this story is about human determination and e...

  • Sharon Stevenson

    'Tankbread 2: Immortal' is the continuing tale of one extraordinary woman's journey through a zombie apocalypse. The story begins with heroine Else giving birth to her son.Else was my favourite charac...

  • Bill Ball

    I really enjoyed Tankbread so I was really looking forward to Tankbread 2. One of the things that really made this book interesting to me is that it was very professionally written. I have been readin...

  • Jessica Austin Gudmundson

    This was a hard one to get through in the beginning. Not going to rehash it, but if you love horror, and really if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this, this is a good one. A continuation of Tankbr...

  • Carol

    After reading the first one I just had to go buy this follow-up. Just loved #1 :)Didn't enjoy this one as much as the first.. this book seemed to be more an addendum to the first - clearing up some lo...

  • Mark Heath

    Great to conclude the original book, seemed like a longtime coming. Great story, but is it the end, could there be another?...

  • Terri

    The ONLY negative thing I can say is that this book had an ending. I can't say how it could have gone any further, I just didn't want it to end....

  • Dan

    I like the direction that this series is going,but since seemed too rushed. More background on what was going on in the ship and Mildura would have made things more interesting....