Mary Bell's Comp Dehydrator Cookbook

Mary Bell's Comp Dehydrator Cookbook Review

Far from being a fad, food dyhydrating is one of the most ancient, effective, and nutritous ways of preserving food. Now, at last, there is a book that teaches absolutely everything there is to know about using an electric food dyhydrator to dry foods at home -- and gives more than 100 foolproof recipes for scrumptious snacks and meals made from dried foods.

With this extraordinary book, you can learn how to cross junk food and expensive store-bought snacks off your family's shopping list -- and add to your cupboard homemade, preservative-free fruit leathers, candied apricots, beef (and fish) jerkies, "sun" dried tomotoes, corn chips, banana chips, and so much more!

Mary Bell gives specific techniques and instructions for preparing every kind of fruit (from apples to watermelon) and vegetable (from asparagus to zucchini). She also provides important shopping tips for buying an electric food dehydrator. The recipes for cooked meals (including mushroom soup, sloppy joes, pesto, and moist banana bread) will make this book a kitchen classic. And recipes for lightweight, filling trail snacks mean that the book will travel, too.

Additional chapters explain to how make herb seasonings, granolas, celery powder, cosmetics, dried fruit sugars, potpourri -- and even pet treats!

Food drying is an excellent way for gardeners to preserve their produce. It is a great way to make healthful snacks for the kids. It's perfect for the new wave of thrifty consumers who can't bear to spend dollars at health food stores for treats they cold make for pennies themselves. And food drying doesn't use chemicals or preservatives—so it's great for you and for the planet, too!

Title:Mary Bell's Comp Dehydrator Cookbook
Edition Language:English

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    Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook is one of the only dehydrator books you'll need to get started dehydrating foods. It's jam-packed with recipes and instructions. Some of the book explains the ...

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    I picked this up at the library to learn how to use my new food dehydrator. This is a good book because it's got everything you need, in simple terms, and it's well organized. The only real problem wi...

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    I've been on a long hunt for a healthy and easy way to incorporate vegetables into Bryce's snacks, esp on the go. Someone suggested gettng dried peas and green beans from the Wild Oats Market, saying ...

  • Nick Williams

    An ongoing read......

  • M

    There were a few decent recipes and a ton of info on how to dry different foods. I mostly want to do herbs and simple things so this book was overkill for me....

  • Lori

    Good reference type book. If I had more time to get into it I'll probably check this back out of the library. Goes through techniques, tips for specific fruits and veggies and recipes....

  • Esther

    Very Useful Book on Dehydration! Out of all the books I read, this was by far the best one I saw on dehydrating fruits and veggies! Enjoy....