Kiss in the Dark

Kiss in the Dark Review

“Boston,” he mumbled.
“I mean…Logan…he’s like the man of my dreams! Why would I blow it? What if…” Boston continued to babble.
“Boston,” he said. The commanding sound of his voice caused Boston to cease in her prattling and look to him.
“What?” she asked, somewhat grateful he’d interrupted her panic attack.
He frowned and shook his head.
“Shut up,” he said. “You’re all worked up about nothing.” He reached out, slipping one hand beneath her hair to the back of her neck.
Boston was so startled by his touch, she couldn’t speak—she could only stare up into his mesmerizing green eyes. His hand was strong and warm, powerful and reassuring.
“If it freaks you out so much…just kiss in the dark,” he said.
Boston watched as Vance put the heel of his free hand to the light switch. In an instant the room went black.

Title:Kiss in the Dark
Edition Language:English

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  • Katie W

    8/1/17--Still such a fun, fluffy romance. I love the games and the little tidbits that make it it's own story. 3/21--Loved it again this time around. I had forgotten the secret and was thinking it was...

  • Sandy

    I hate to say it because I am a HUGE Marcia fan, but this book is more like a 2.5. The endearing cheese of a Marcia book works better with her historical settings. This is probably my least favorite M...

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    FREE TODAY 9-9-13 on Amazon LINKS:U.S. ---> ---> ---> ebook for this was available for Nook ...

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    Another great book. I love that Marcia's books make me laugh out loud, giggle, sigh and never fail to leave me with a smile on my face when I'm done. I love when she has author notes at the end. I do ...

  • Melody

    The only thing wrong with this was it wasn't nearly long enough, since it's an e-book! I would love this to be an expanded story. I also can't hold it in my hands, which is what I love to do with Marc...

  • Callie

    I love Marcia and her books but I find the ones that are more modern time a little harder to read. They seem a little more on the cheesy side. This by no means is a bad book- it was a good and quick r...

  • Jennybug

    One of the things that I really enjoy in these newer books is the author's notes. I love Marcia's willingness to share not only her story, but her thoughts behind the story. I find it sad that when pe...

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