Celtic Evil: Roarke

Celtic Evil: Roarke Review

The first in a five part paranormal series in which five brothers must each face their own personal challenge against a foe that seeks to destroy their very line.

Once a world famous young singing group, the Fitzgerald Brothers of Fitzgaren, Ireland believed they had it all. Until an ancient witch took the lives of their parents and ended up separating them

Now, it has been fifteen years and that evil has returned to finish the job since the long-time family prophecy has said it will only take one of the five brothers to fall in death or surrender to evil to make it fail.

Reuniting for the first time since their parents deaths, the brothers must get past the pain, their differences and years apart to begin stopping the threat,.

Roarke Fitzgerald, the fourth born son, has been many things in his twenty-six years but mainly he has been running from his past since the fateful day he witnessed his parents’ murder.

Now, forced to return to the land of his birth to face his shame and pain to protect those he cares for from harm or all that he loves will end. Can he do that or will his own demons destroy his chance for peace and love.

Can he forget his past and the bitterness he left behind and reform a bond between his brothers that many, both within their family and without, have worked hard to shred?

It will take all his power and that if his brothers to take the first step in defeating the demon who sought his death so long ago and now will seek it again if he cannot face and overcome this first challenge.

Title:Celtic Evil: Roarke
Edition Language:English

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  • Booksinreview

    A highly entertaining and magical escape from reality. As an indpendent author I was surprised by the depth of Ms. Rose's characters, the plot, and also the ease in which magic was fitted into an othe...

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    I really enjoyed this book. The writing style reminded me of Nora Roberts' Sign of Seven trilogy which is a high compliment from me as I love Nora Roberts. This book centers around the five Fitzgerald...

  • Sheila

    If your inner editor will struggle with grammar and word-choice issues, Celtic Evil is probably not the book for you. But the story has more to offer the interested reader. The author creates a fascin...

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    The story was well crafted and interesting. It really shows that the author knows something about magick, which is usually such a let down in a story like this. I loved the characters, there were so m...

  • Kitty Austin

    "CELTIC EVIL" BY TAMMY SUTOThis book was wonderfully written and a real heart-stopper. There is action around every bend. Ian Fitzgerald's life is turned upside down whe he discovers he is part of a p...

  • Claude Bouchard

    The story itself is quite good. Unfortunately however, the writing leaves to be desired. Sentence structure and punctuation is fine at times and somewhat messy at other times. This is what is frustrat...

  • Alison

    I enjoyed this book. I agree with a couple other reviews, it is similar to Nora Roberts Sign of Seven trilogy, which I loved. I also agree with other reviews that the writing needs to be worked on. It...

  • Wanda

    I loved this book! I can't wait until I get caught up with all my reading so that I can move on to the next in the series. My favorite character was Ryan...I'm anxious for his book.There were some pla...

  • B.k. Griffin

    I just finished reading Celtic Evil by Sierra Rose and for a romance it's very good! Normally, I don't read romance books, but the author assured me there was magic and supernatural elements mingled i...