All about Amy

All about Amy Review

Meet Troy Carter Brown, a man living a life of quiet desperation. One day, a mysterious woman from California shows up on his doorstep claiming to be a walk-in, the transmigrated soul of Amy Ellis, his long lost girlfriend who died in a tragic boating accident nearly twenty years ago. Is she merely playing him in some sort of an elaborate con game, or has the soul of Amy really returned to Troy in the form of this alluring stranger named Julie Saxton. Only in the end, as Troy and Julie end up on the run together fleeing for their lives from local gangsters, will the dramatic truth be revealed.

Title:All about Amy
Edition Language:English

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  • Kya Aliana

    Overall: outstanding. That's just the word to describe this phenomenal author. James J. Caterino is outstanding in each and every way. I have never come across an author with such talent as he. His wr...

  • James Caterino