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Just for Show Review

What happens when an overachieving psychologist with OCD tendencies and an impulsive, out-of-work actress start a fake relationship?
Claire Renshaw thought she had it all: a successful career as a couples therapist, a publishing contract for her self-help book, and a happy relationship. But her perfect world falls apart when her fiancée calls off their engagement. Because of that, even her book deal might be off the table. After all, readers don’t want relationship advice from someone who can’t even make her own relationship work.
So Claire sets out to hire herself a fake fiancée.
Lana Henderson, the actress who shows up to audition for the role, is not exactly Claire’s ideal woman. Her frankness and the messes she leaves everywhere drive Claire up the wall. At least she won’t fall in love with someone like Lana.
But soon, Lana starts to win her over with her big heart, tickle fights, and—gasp!—carbs after six. The longer they pretend to be a love-struck couple, the less fake their kisses feel and the more the lines between reality and role begin to blur.
Once the book contract is signed, will they walk away or is their relationship no longer just for show?
A lesbian romance where role-playing has never been so irresistible.

Themes: actress · fake dating · fake relationship · fauxmance · pretend romance · psychologist
Words: 103,000

Title:Just for Show
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Lex Kent

    4.5 Stars. This was my kind of book! That darn fake relationship storyline just gets me every time. I think I’m such a sucker for this premise because the author has to really work at the romance. T...

  • lov2laf

    I enjoyed this more than Jae's other books of late. It ticks some boxes that are usually fun to read: ice queen, fake romance setup, opposites attract, slow burn. And thankfully it's absent of the lat...

  • Tiff

    Jae, she does it every time. What does she do? She writes a damn good book, that's what she does. Every single time I am just floored by the work she puts out. I loved her newest novel, Just for Show....

  • Lexxi Kitty

    *I received this book from Ylva Publishing for an honest review*An exciting event occurred last night – I glanced at my Kindle and saw a new Jae book sitting there (this isn’t magic or unexpected,...

  • Netty

    Now that’s the kind of book that'll get most romance fans out of a reading funk, I really enjoyed that, had me glued to my iPad, both character’s were very well explained in appearance which is al...

  • Alexis

    Two thumbs up!When it comes to the fake relationship trope it seems to me writers either knock your socks off or make you wonder why you even picked up the book in the first place. Jae has definitely ...

  • Jane Shambler

    It's Jae..... What more is there to say? Always a good story, always good characters and always a great read. Am I biased? I don't think so! I always tend to like Jae's writing. She is easy to read an...

  • Luce

    5 StarsI rarely am able to finish a full length novel in one day. I did this one. Jae is so readable it was a breeze. A very enjoyable breeze at that. This is not an unusual plot line - one person (us...

  • Arn

    ARC received from YLVA for a fair review.3.85 stars. It's Jae so of course it's good but the book has some issues I can't ignore. First the good things. I think it's paced well and the plot is interes...

  • Corporate Slave

    Oh Jae I feel so bad writing this review because I’m such a big fan! I was so excited to start this book, come on it’s Jae!Lately I’ve read a couple of amazing fake relationship books and unfort...