Manster Review

I’m a rockstar on the run from the memories of my past. And pussies in palaces.
Record scratch. Rewind.
My name is Hudson Wyatt, and I raced cars until an injury ended my career. Now I pound the skins in Hammered, a successful rock band. But I still enjoy living recklessly, hooking up and partying all night.
Lately, I’m wondering if I'm missing something deeper, and not just how far I can sink my—
Sorry, deleted. Anyway, it’s time for me to meet someone different.
Not someone who runs a cat café, though. I’m not a cat person. And I don’t pet felines for stress relief.
Other kinds of pussies, however...
Sexy, smart-mouthed vixen Piper Lockwood owns the Pussy Palace, and she has a heart made of cat fur and gold. She drives me nuts. Until I get her naked, and find out Piper’s kind of crazy is all I need.

Assuming this pussy can be tamed.
Or this rockstar.

BEYOND OBLIVION - A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you'll see show up in the books. 


Author’s Note - Some of the events mentioned in the epilogue of Manster serve as a spoiler for the Found in Oblivion rockstar series. If you read that series as well and aren’t up to date yet, perhaps save Manster’s epilogue until you’re all caught up.

Edition Language:English

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  • Dali

    4.5 starsSexy sweet rock & roll stars!Review pending...

  • Valeen Robertson

    Maneuvered is the latest sexy, fun entry in the Hammered rockstar series.Piper runs a cat cafe called the Pussy Palace. You know from that name alone that this will be funny and irreverent and sexy, a...

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    RomCom lovers, this one’s for you! MANEUVERED is a lighthearted, fun, and steamy story featuring the guys & gals of Hammered, plus their significant others. The hero is drummer Hudson Wyatt, and the...

  • Karen

    These ladies slay me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The whole Oblivion-verse is just so real to me, and every time I start one of these books, I know I'm in for a TREAT. I'll start my review by talking about th...

  • Tricia

    Maneuvered is a wonderful light hearted, hugely funny rom com and a complete joy to read. Although this is a rocker romance, I have to say the star of the show for me is Piper. She is unfiltered, tota...

  • Doris

    Hunter Wyatt is the drummer for the rock band Hammered and he is anxiously waiting to get back on the road with his bandmates. One of the holdups is his bandmate and friend Owen and Piper Blackwell ar...

  • Ann

    4.5 StarsI loved this sweet & unlikely pair.Hudson is a Rockstar and Piper owns a cat cafe & is basically a “cat lady”. They are two people who have nothing in common except unexpected attraction....

  • Janice Somers

    I have always loved reading Rocker stories and this one went beyond my expectations. This was one I really loved not only because of the chemistry that each character had but how personable they were....