The Emerald Circus

The Emerald Circus Review

Enter the Emerald Circus and be astonished by the transformations of your favorite tales. Ringmaster and internationally bestselling author Jane Yolen (Briar Rose, Sister Emily’s Lightship) spins modern fantasy classics in tales that go well beyond Wonderland and Oz, down the rabbit hole and back again.

Where is Wendy? Leading a labor strike against the Lost Boys, of course!

It’s time to go back to—and beyond—the treasured tales you thought you knew: The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and many more. Ringmaster and internationally bestselling author Jane Yolen (Briar Rose, Sister Emily’s Lightship) spins modern fantasy classics for delighted readers. A girl blown away from Kansas returns as a sophisticate with unusual gymnastic abilities. A talented apprentice, forging her first sword, is suddenly left to the mercies of Merlin. Alice’s infamous nemesis has jaws and claws, but also lacks the essential: a sense of humor.

Witty and bold, and unexpected, these tales go well beyond the rabbit hole and back again.

Table of Contents

Andersen’s Witch
Lost Girls
Tough Alice
Blown Away
A Knot of Toads
The Quiet Monk
The Bird
Belle Bloody Merciless Dame
Jewel in the Toad Queen’s Crown
A Gift of Magicians
Rabbit Hole
Our Lady of the Greenwood
The Confession of Brother Blaise
Wonder Land
Evian Steel
Sister Emily’s Lightship

Title:The Emerald Circus
Edition Language:English

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    ‘’You see, my dear ice witch, I have had the love of children from all over the world because of my stories. A child’s love is the perfect love, for it is given with a whole heart." After The N...

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    The Emerald Circus is a new short story collection by Jane Yolen, who's very talented and literate. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature: Under the big top of The Emerald Circus (2017) is ...

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    The Emerald Circus by Jane Yolen is a collection of short stories with an introduction to the works done by author Holly Black. I do believe some of these by Yolen at least have been published before ...

  • Vivian

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but I like fairytales and the cover screamed, "Take me. You love me."Many of them are tangential storylines based on children lit masterpieces or the authors: Peter Pan, ...

  • Dannii Elle

    This is a mixed bag of stories, in all genres and styles, all combined by their (sometimes tenuous) links to original fairy tales, myths, and legends. These short retellings received a mixture of resp...

  • Jessica

    Strange and wonderful. The last few stories, about Robin Hood, and Emily Dickinson, were my favorite. All the stories were elements of the family, twisted into something new. Stories about Alice and D...

  • Sherwood Smith

    This collection gathers a number of Jane Yolen's short stories from other anthologies, except for one new story (a riff on Poe). Though Yolen most of her 300 books are for kid readers, I don't think t...

  • Kayla

    I was sent this book by the publisher so thank you so much! All my opinions are my own and are very honestThis book takes a twist on some of our favrouite fairy tales and I really enjoyed it! It was a...

  • Katy

    I received my copy free through NetgalleyJane Yolen does not usually disappoint and most of these stories are good. I'm just not a short story fan...