After the End of the World

After the End of the World Review

The second installment in a thrilling supernatural series that brings the H.P. Lovecraft mythos into the twenty-first century, optioned by Warner Bros TV.

The Unfolded World is a bitter and unfriendly place for Daniel Carter and Emily Lovecraft. In this world, the Cold War never happened because the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1941. In this world the Nazi Großdeutschland is the premier superpower, and is not merely tolerated but indulged because, in this world, the Holocaust happened behind the ruins of the Iron Curtain and consumed only Bolsheviks, Communists, and others the West was glad to see gone. In this world, there are monsters, and not all of them are human.

But even in the Unfolded World, there are still bills to pay and jobs to do. Carter finds himself working for the German secret security service to uncover the truth behind a major scientific joint project that is going suspiciously well. The trail takes Lovecraft and him to a distant, abandoned island, and a conspiracy that threatens everything. To fight it, Lovecraft must walk a perilously narrow path between forbidden knowledge and soul-destroying insanity.

Fortunately, she also has a shotgun.

Title:After the End of the World
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Dan Schwent

    In the aftermath of the previous book, Dan Carter and Emily Lovecraft are struggling to fit into their new world when Dan gets an intriguing case that sees him going undercover as a security guard at ...

  • Karl

    Carter & Lovecraft may become a TV show, the rights have been sold to Warner Brothers."Carter & Lovecraft": Jonathan Howard interview on YouTube -->

  • Char

    At the end of the excellent CARTER & LOVECRAFT there was a major cliffhanger and I felt compelled to request an ARC of the next book. I have to admit I was disappointed with AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD...

  • Bradley

    Sometimes it seems that this world doesn't have enough Cthulhu adventures. It's a real fault.Fortunately, JLH has a cure in mind. Granted, he may have helped unfold the world we all knew and loved to ...

  • Lindsay

    Daniel Carter and Emily Lovecraft now live in the Unfolded World. Rather than Providence, they're city is called Arkham. Rather than sleepy unremarkable Clave College, they're local institute of highe...

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    What happened? The first book was great while the story of this book never caught my interested and if it weren't for Carter & Lovecraft chemistry and banter wouldn't have bothered finishing the book....

  • Jack +The Page Runner+

    ”The time is out of joint,” he said quietly to himself.Is it possible to absolutely enjoy a book while at the same time be completely let down by it? Before finishing After the End of the World I ...

  • Mel (Epic Reading)

    Originally I gave this a generous 3 stars. But after thinking about it for a few days I just can't give it three. Sorry Jonathan L. Howard I do usually love your writing and works, but this one fell f...

  • Miriam

    "The existential dread doesn't me like it used to."The alternate-dimensional Nazis, on the other hand, piss Emily Lovecraft the fuck off....

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    As to the shelves...we would have to call this, "mild horror" but as it's largely based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft lets put it on the horror shelf also.Okay...I'M GOING TO ASSUME YOU HAVE READ BOOK...