Starkiller Review

The Eliite were defeated but at what cost?

It's been twenty years since Cole died, lied to by the one he thought was humanity's savior. And now he's back to get answers.

After being nearly wiped out by invaders, humanity has been rebuilt anew, into a world constructed by the technology the Eliite left behind. With only 100 million people left in the world, tensions remain high as the survivors are split in half - one side harboring the very aliens that destroyed them, the other side wanting to exterminate any and all alien life on the planet regardless of individual guilt.

When Cole unearths that the fate of the universe in his hands, he searches the cosmos for Jahum to answer for his betrayal, all the while cosmic beings called the eaters are smashing through galaxies, one by one, in search for the same.

On earth, the world is on the brink of a war as anti-alien and pro-alien sides clash and it is up to Thora, a woman who vowed to never be weak again, to prevent the war from happening.

Edition Language:English

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