Quick and Easy Recipes: 30 MINUTE MEALS: Quick Recipes You Will Love (Quick and Easy Cooking)

Quick and Easy Recipes: 30 MINUTE MEALS: Quick Recipes You Will Love (Quick and Easy Cooking) Review

30 Minute Meals Quick and Easy Recipes You Will Love

Are you tired of slaving away in the kitchen FOR HOURS everytime you fix a meal? Cooking for your family, or even for just yourself, can be a hassle....but it can also be very EASY! These delicious recipes are easy to follow, simply prepared, and just right for someone who wants to get in and out of the kitchen quickly!

Your Problems Have Been Solved ==> EASY, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES!

No more hours spent slaving in the kitchen! These recipes are so simple and easy to follow.

** simple and easy recipes for two ** Check out some of the mouth-watering recipes from this cookbook below! Cheesy Pasta Skillet Goldie Chicken Hamburger Steaks Philly Cheesesteak Spicy Shrimp Pasta Double Decker Tacos Simple Shrimp Gumbo Corn Soup Chicken Tortilla Soup Pepperoni Roll-Ups Asian Meatballs AND MORE!!!!! Best-Selling Author, Hannie P. Scott

Hannie P. Scott is a best-selling author that knows a thing or two about cooking! Cooking and experimenting with foods is her life passion. Driven by her desire for cooking for others (and herself), Hannie spends a lot of time in the kitchen! She enjoys sharing her love of food with the world by creating "no-nonsense" recipe books that anyone can use.

You can find lots of cooking advice, recipes, and tips on her blog (see author page for link).


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Title:Quick and Easy Recipes: 30 MINUTE MEALS: Quick Recipes You Will Love (Quick and Easy Cooking)
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Alicia Bayer

    This is an okay cookbook but won't work for my needs. I am a mother of 5 kids and cook for 7 people. In addition, we cook gluten free and generally vegetarian (for health, moral and financial reasons)...

  • Susan Gazaway

    Sounds great!I looked through this cookbook and saw many good sounding recipes. They seem very simple to make. I will definitely be trying some of them. ...

  • Lilia Stephens

    Easy recipes that are so easy to put together. I can not wait to put these recipes to test with my family. I can recommend this book to all my friends....

  • Sam  Bronstein

    EhIt’s not an impressive book. Some recipes have sparks of genius to work with while the rest are mostly tired recipes....

  • Vicki

    I love recipes that are quick and easy. This book is filled with recipes like that. They all use ingredients that we probably have in our pantry or fridge already, and they only take around 30 minutes...

  • Eileen Carter

    Good recipesThere are many east record that families will sure enjoy. But don't think that they are all kid friendly, there are some that would be delicious for a quiet evening in with your significan...

  • Elice Mcneely

    Good VarietyThis book has a nice selection of recipes in it.I bookmarked quite a few in this book to make.Have to refer back to the recipe when I make out my grocery list for this next weekLove the si...

  • Pia Vidal

    Very basicIt is the typical book, a can of this a can of that. But it does deliver what it promises, fast recipes. Definitely not for advance cooks, most recipes sound like the ones you find on the ba...

  • Nancy Heaps

    Easy readFound some new recipes and very happy I get to try them. I've been trying to be better organized so that I'm not standing in front of an open fridge wondering what's to eat. This book will he...

  • Linda Spradlin

    This is a valuable cookbook!I enjoyed this recipie book because it lived up to its title"Quick and Easy!" There are no expensive ingredients and that makes it good for people on set incomes....