The Punishment

The Punishment Review

Leaning back in his chair, Ford folded his arms across his chest. It gave the impression that he was in no hurry, as if he had all day to stare at Evie, prone and bound naked before him. The idea chilled her. How long would it be before being held in this position became very uncomfortable?

Ford’s eyes wandered over her for a few moments before continuing in his coldest, business voice. “When you agreed to this arrangement, our deal was that we did things my way or you leave this house. It’s always your choice to continue, but if you refuse my wishes, you must leave immediately and forfeit the rest of your money. So I ask you now, with the understanding that you have no idea what I intend to do to you…do you trust me?” He lowered his voice to a wicked tone that sent shivers through her body. “Will you stay and take your punishment?”

He leaned forward so his face was close to hers. She could feel his breath on her cheek. She could smell his vanilla-and-leather cologne. She studied the way his long eyelashes framed his dark green eyes, the curl of his strong lips arching into those sexy dimples, his mouth so close to hers. Breathing heavily, he was so keyed up that the energy seemed to be jumping from his skin.

She was mindful of her own breathing, heavy now, and the blood rushing in her veins, heating between her legs. With a deep breath she had one of those thoughts that whispers through a person’s mind, but no one never says out loud.

I’m not sure there’s anything I wouldn't let this man do to me.

Would she stay and endure her punishment? “Yes I will, Mr. Hawthorne,” she whispered. “Punish me.”

He wanted to hurt her, or at least he wanted her to let him hurt her. She didn't understand it, but she did know one thing…her thighs were trembling as much from lust as from fear. She thought of the sight of Charley kneeling before Ford and offering him anything. This act was her kneeling, her offering to Ford. It was what she was willing to give for him, and for them.

**WARNING: The punishment scene in episode 6 is intense, and takes place while Evie's hands and feet are bound. There is spanking and rough sex. Please don't read if such a scene will bother you. This episode 6 also contains a scene of double-penetration.**

In this episode six, Ford continues to push both Evie and Charley sexually while walking a fine line between lust and love. Charley and Evie become closer, and Evie is forced to prove what she's willing to endure for them all.

Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best friend, biker Charley Baker, is warm muscles and affection, and Evie is the lucky girl in the middle...

Come When Called is a contemporary, light-BDSM, ménage, erotic, MMF romance serial that is currently COMPLETE at seven episodes. There is danger, graphic sex of all kinds, intrigue, sex on demand, male/male sex acts, bondage, paddling, heartbreak, a few laughs and a little knife-throwing.

***WARNING: This book contains graphic, fully described sex acts. This book is not for people under 18 years old.****

Title:The Punishment
Edition Language:English

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