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“No.” Ford pushed Evie forward and flattened her to the bed. She whined, wriggling her butt under him like a succubus. “No more.” He knelt back and swatted her bottom with his open palm, the smack echoing through the room like a firecracker. Evie bit down on her cry of pain as Ford continued. “I only wanted to feel you after another man had been inside you. But I told you I wasn't going to take you like you wanted me to tonight, and I meant it. Now turn over.”

She eased around, wary of the possibility of another spank. Her fear sharpened her excitement to a near unbearable level as Ford still knelt so closely, his excitement obvious. But Ford turned his attention to Charley, still standing next to the bed. “I came for Charley tonight.”


In episode four, Evie officially became a sexual plaything for the two gorgeous men, agreeing to provide sex on demand to both Ford and Charley.

In this episode five, Ford and Charley take their relationship to a different level, while a message from the past comes to haunt Evie. Ford and Evie get to know each other better, and they all three struggle to keep their feelings in check so the precarious balance they've created doesn't crumble, taking their hearts with it, in pieces.
Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best friend, biker Charley Baker, is warm muscles and affection, and Evie is the lucky girl in the middle...

Come When Called is a contemporary, light-BDSM, ménage, erotic, MMF romance serial that is currently COMPLETE at seven episodes. There is danger, graphic sex of all kinds, intrigue, sex on demand, male/male sex acts, bondage, paddling, heartbreak, a few laughs and a little knife-throwing.

***WARNING: This book contains graphic, fully described sex acts. This book is not for people under 18 years old.****

Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Henry Wente

    The domination takes a major step forward, along with deepening desires and conflicting emotions among the characters. The author weaves plenty of heat into the potential character conflicts and relat...

  • Geneva Handleman

    Pretty seriously hot and steamy! Lite BDSM. So far at least. I was thrown into the middle of this one so I am left wanting to know the way it all started. This in no way detracts from the very well wr...

  • Fee (Ebook Addicts)

    As far as this episode goes it is definitely getting hotter, Charley gets Ford in a way he has always wanted whilst Evie is tied up and forced to watch.But for Evie feelings are starting to come into ...

  • N. Kuhn

    *I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*I am still loving this serial. Each story is a quick, hot, sexy read. It's exciting and more. This episode had me feeling bad for Evie. Ford...

  • A little birdie told me...

    It needs to get better. ...