The Offer

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Ford's voice dropped an octave. “Evangeline, if you need to draw a line, you'd better draw it now. Because this is nowhere near my line.”

Evie's heart pounded. Where the hell was his line?


Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best friend, biker Charley Baker, is warm muscles and affection, and Evie is the lucky girl in the middle...

Ford is a bad boy with dimples that make women want to take their clothes off, but he has a secret desire he's never allowed himself to act on—his fantasies of domination and control.

Unlimited, unquestioning sexual pleasure at his beck and call.

Big, scruffy, and handsome as sin, biker Charley Baker is two hundred pounds of sunshine, muscle and sex appeal. Charley has a secret of his own...he's in love with his best friend, Ford. But Charley knows what Ford really wants, and it's not him.

Evie is a paralegal working for Ford's attorney, and unbeknownst to Ford, she's caught in a situation that could have a deadly outcome. A late-night, impulsive romp at the law firm with Ford has far-reaching consequences, setting into motion a chain of events that will lead Ford, Charley and Evie through the twists and turns of a sexual journey that none of them saw coming. A sexual journey that knows no bounds—in ecstasy, in heartbreak and in danger.

Come When Called is a contemporary, light-BDSM, ménage, erotic, MMF romance serial that is currently COMPLETE at seven episodes. There is danger, graphic sex of all kinds, intrigue, sex on demand, male/male sex acts, bondage, paddling, heartbreak, a few laughs and a little knife-throwing.

***WARNING: This book contains graphic, fully described sex acts. This book is not for people under 18 years old.****

PLEASE NOTE: THE MENAGE PORTION OF THE SERIAL DOES NOT BEGIN UNTIL EPISODE 3. Ford is leading Evie down a rabbit hole of sexual escalation, and Charley Baker is every bit worth the wait.

Title:The Offer
Edition Language:English

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    Same story from the volum 1 :(...

  • Fee (Ebook Addicts)

    We pick up the next day, after their romp in the library Evie is still on a high but when she walks into work the next day she is met with stares and all eyes on her.... surely they don't know?She is...

  • N. Kuhn

    *I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*As the story continues, I really am getting hooked and obsessed. I need to know more. I like where the story line is going. I wish it were 1...

  • NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews

    WOWZA! These stories just keep getting hotter... If you are looking for a smoking HAWT read, recommend this one! I believe it's a series of what I refer to as "chapter books". Right now, they are FREE...

  • Geneva Handleman

    Book two is just as steamy as the others, but starts to delve deeper into Evie's emotions. It's a twisted path Ford is leading her down and she really doesn't know him that well yet. The character dev...

  • A little birdie told me...

    Throwing knives? Ugh. ...

  • Henry Wente

    By itself, this entry in the series reads as a continued "Rich boss" seduces and consensually traps a strong but very vulnerable woman, leading to one sensual but sizzling light submission scene.The c...