The Ultimate Prezi Course: Master Prezi in 10 Easy Lessons

The Ultimate Prezi Course: Master Prezi in 10 Easy Lessons Review

Making a presentation puts you on public display. Your audience will not only listen to your ideas, they will also respond to the way you present them. You will need more than a well written presentation to make an impact. You will need to deliver it in a flexible and interesting way, and the software you will use is crucial in such situation.There is no doubt that Prezi is the best presentation software in the market. And this simple, step-by-step eBook, written in a down-to-earth and direct language is the ultimate way to learn this beautiful software. Written by a Prezi expert with over 5 years of experience and mastery of the software. Who worked with world-class clients such as Krauthammer, SerendiWorld, Changi Airport Group, Pitcher Partners and many others. There are two reasons behind writing this eBook. The first is that most of the other books about Prezi are out of date. Prezi is a fast-changing software, always being improved. This eBook is based on the last version to date (Version 5.2.7 - February 2015). And we will always keep updating it with whatever will be new in the future releases. The second reason is that most of the other books are theoretical with no illustrations or snapshots. This is a practical manual, we will guide you step by step through all Prezi features with illustrations, snapshots and internet links, because the first step to create great Prezi presentations is to master all the software features. In this eBook you will learn how to: Create Prezi presentations from scratch. Add texts & images to your Prezi presentation. Work with frames and paths. Draw arrows, lines, symbols, shapes and diagrams in Prezi. Add videos, Youtube videos and background music. Add PowerPoint & PDF files to your Prezi presentation. Customize themes & create prezis from templates. Share & collaborate using Prezi. And more advanced techniques and tips...

Title:The Ultimate Prezi Course: Master Prezi in 10 Easy Lessons
Edition Language:English

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  • Danny Ellis

    Very basic. I was hoping to find more than simple instructions around the tools and commands. Good if someone has never opened any presentation software and can't easily navigate themselves through ne...

  • Annie Garvey

    The screens looks different. I could be that I am using the free version. There are good references at the end for further exploration....