House Arrest

House Arrest Review

Stealing is bad.
I know.
But my brother Levi is always so sick, and his medicine is always so expensive.

I didn’t think anyone would notice,
if I took that credit card,
if, in one stolen second,
I bought Levi’s medicine.

But someone did notice.
Now I have to prove I’m not a delinquent, I’m not a total bonehead.

That one quick second turned into
a judge
a year of house arrest,
a year of this court-ordered journal,
a year to avoid messing up
and being sent back to juvie
so fast my head will spin.

It’s only 1 year.
Only 52 weeks.
Only 365 days.
Only 8,760 hours.
Only 525,600 minutes.

What could go wrong?

Title:House Arrest
Edition Language:English

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    House arrest is really heartfelt and a deep book. I gave it only 3 stars, because I didn’t enjoy the ending. In my opinion the ending looked unfinished. However, the rest of the book was really good...

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    It was a little confusing at first but then it was less confusing once you got to the end, also the set up of the book is weird...