Memento Mori

Memento Mori Review

I is about Mori Lee Monroe, who a) writes letters to dead people, b) is spectacularly unlucky, and c) is dying of AIDS. Told in Mori's letters to the dead, the story follows Mori and her (also soon-to-be-dead) friend, Finch, as she risks her life to take a final road trip in search of immortality (and to visit everything on her list of Places to Eat Before I Die). Their route ends at her meticulously chosen cemetary plot, because Mori knows that in doing something spectacular enough for her name to live forever, eating her weight in chocolate-covered bacon, and (maybe) falling in love, she will probably lose her life.

Title:Memento Mori
Edition Language:English

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  • Luke Reynolds

    Before Reading:Maybe this will be on the winter 2018 slate? Regardless, I'm really excited for this and am hoping for the best.I hope this is on the fall 2017 release slate for Harper because I NEED M...