Touched with Fire: The Land War in the South Pacific

Touched with Fire: The Land War in the South Pacific Review

A brilliant history of the land battles in the Pacific theater of World War II, with stirring personal accounts of the horrifying struggle between the Japanese and Allied forces.

The horrors of WWII in the South Pacific extended far beyond the detonation of atomic bombs. In this revelatory portrayal of the lives of the regular infantrymen who struggled to contain the Japanese advance, Eric Bergerud has given us a compelling and chilling record of the incredible hardships endured by these soldiers, and the heroic efforts that resulted in the reversal of the course of the war. Bergerud spent hundreds of hours interviewing the last surviving veterans of this remarkable campaign, and he has placed their personal experiences at the center of his analysis of military strategy.

"Aspires to do for the ground war in the South Pacific what Keegan achieved in Six Armies in Normandy."--Los Angeles Times

Title:Touched with Fire: The Land War in the South Pacific
Edition Language:English

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  • Mark Merry

    Outstanding account of the Australian / US war effort in the South Pacific. A surprisingly astute reading of the Australian military by a foreign author. The analysis resonates with the accounts I hea...

  • Jonathan

    Not a chronology but rather a portrait of how the Americans and Australians (don't forget the Aussies!) fought in the war's worst theater....

  • Bill V

    The is a great book. It can be a bit dry at times and it is long but the material it covers is quite unique. It doesn't just cover the ground campaigns fought on New Guinea, New Britain, Guadalcanal a...

  • Stephen

    Overall Assessment: KeeperCommentary:Almost 70 years after the end of WWII, today's focus on the Pacific side of WWII is on the decision to drop the atom bomb. Lost amidst the discussions of war weari...

  • Dan

    a highly readable book that I put down. why?was I weary of war?was I weary of the writers style?I am determined to renew the attack--but it will have to wait... when I weary of the Civil War (American...