Revenge, Inc.

Revenge, Inc. Review

Revenge, Inc.

This gripping page-turner from author Keleigh Crigler Hadley shows that all it takes is one bad decision for everything to change.

Cherise Holder’s hell on earth begins on her 26th birthday. Unable to cope with a heart shattering loss, she gives in to a familiar addiction. Forced to attend AA meetings, Cherise befriends fellow alcoholics; Stuart, a disgraced banker, Greyson, a bitter cheerleader and Araceli, a broken teenager with an infamous parent.

An opportunity arises, and the foursome decides to work together to correct past wrongs in each of their lives. Their ingenious plan to get revenge works - too well and this is only the beginning. They find the electrifying high of revenge, more addictive than anything they’ve ever experienced.

Cherise assumes that revenge will put out the fire in her heart, but she finds that it just makes her rage burn brighter. She sets out to prove that revenge is a dish best served over and over again.

Revenge Inc. mesmerizes as it speeds you through the diverse Los Angeles landscape- from the barrio to the hills of Hollywood. Along the way, it exposes what the lust for revenge truly does to your heart, mind and soul.

Title:Revenge, Inc.
Edition Language:English

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  • OOSA

    Teetering on the BalanceCherise Holder has an idyllic life that changes in the blink of an eye. She is now desperately trying to mask her heartache with alcohol. When she hits bottom, her friend Pinky...

  • Sophie Sealy

    The plot line was exciting however the writer was unable to execute it. this book had potential but instead it was all over the place. The revenge was so lackluster and not though out. Holes all over ...

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    Revenge, Inc., ♥♥♥♥♥ (SEMI-SPOILER REVIEW)You see the title, read the synopsis and think to yourself 'Not another story on revenge, next', and yes you're correct. This narrative is exactly a...

  • Reading in Black & White

    "You better recognize real quick that liquor doesn't put fires out - it makes them rage."Now, this is how you write a debut novel!!! I don't know if I even have the correct words to explain just how m...

  • Kimyatta Walker

    So....Ms. Hadley has definitely earned a new fan! This book is all at and then some! I pride myself on being an avid reader. Many times, I can predict the twists and turns. That was not the case here!...

  • Dawn

    True forgiveness is one of the hardest things anyone can do. Keleigh Crigler Hadley did a wonderful job of showing what can happen when you allow anger, hurt, betrayal and guilt consume you instead of...

  • April

    Cherise, Greyson, Stuart and CeCe have all been driven to drink by people that have changed their lives in major ways. They meet and realize that only one thing will make them feel better....REVENGE!!...

  • Nigeria Lockley

    In this thrilling novel Keleigh Crigler Hadley demonstrates the necessity of forgiveness. Many people believe that forgiveness is a principle that only Christians need to live by, but Crigler Hadley's...

  • Terance Cooley

    I love this book. Every chapter leaves you wanting more (in a since that you don't want to stop reading). The characters feel so life like as Keleigh's words paint a vivid picture. I never wanted the ...

  • Orsayor