Cayo Elina, A Zombie Chronicles Novel

Cayo Elina, A Zombie Chronicles Novel

Life in Southern Florida three years after the zombie Outbreak isn’t anything like it used to be. A few survivors were pushed by the hordes of zombies out into the Florida Keys and have survived so far by fending off all opponents whether they were super zombies, Cuban's or even other humans enhanced in the long struggle with the undead. Now Elina and her friend Gus are thrown into the thick of the Miami conflict as the living there are caught between two armies vying for control of the peninsula.

This book is set in the Zombie Chronicles Universe, it takes place approximately 3 years after the events in The Zombie Chronicles 3: Ascension and is best read after finishing that book. The characters in Cayo Elina are new to the series and will appear again, mostly likely in a second book of their own and also in TZC5. Cayo Elina is 114 thousand words long and is a full length novel.

Title:Cayo Elina, A Zombie Chronicles Novel
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