Lancelot and the Grail

Lancelot and the Grail Review

“I was once called, Wolf. Now I am damned to a half life of madness, grieving and broken. If I have to return to my King, he will want the greatest Knight of Camelot, but I am not that creature. I am a man who has learnt to hate what he once loved. How can I help my betrayer kill my fey father, even if it is to save Camelot and her people?”

Lancelot, alone and shattered is found by the only person capable of saving what’s left of his mind. When the damaged knight finally manages to scrape his awareness together he reluctantly returns to Camelot, only to find Arthur almost as broken.

The two men must face each other, over a vast gulf of betrayal in order to confront their enemies for the last time.

As they travel from Camelot, into the Land of the Dead and on to Albion, they remember why and how they became one all those years ago. Lancelot discovers that the path of the warrior is not just about killing, but also about compassion and there are some things that you just cannot escape, no matter how far you run.

Title:Lancelot and the Grail
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Catherine Green

    This book, the third in the series, was very heartrending. At the beginning we find the great warrior broken and damaged. Indeed, the reader is not even sure who is speaking to begin with. Gradually w...

  • John

    So I love my ambi-sexual Lancelot stories. This is the third in the series. They are a tad bit hokey but I can't help get involved with Lancelot and Arthur (the great love of his life). This series is...

  • Drako

    Well, the third book certainly took some twists I didn't forsee. We open with a very broken Lancelot alone in the woods, reeling from the loss of Tancred and his betrayal by Arthur. His very psyche ap...

  • Heather

    Like the previous two books in the series, this book was a fast, totally frivolous, read. I like the author's versions of Lancelot and Arthur. They got me through three books and will likely get me to...

  • Fabsardo Cotza

    Love itSo in love wit Lancelot. This story really moves you and the struggle for love...I can't get enough..keep them coming ...