Attack on Titan, Vol. 2

Attack on Titan, Vol. 2 Review

The Colossal Titan has breached humanity’s first line of defense, Wall Maria. Mikasa, the 104th Training Corps’ ace and Eren’s best friend, may be the only one capable of defeating them, but beneath her calm exterior lurks a dark past. When all looks lost, a new Titan appears and begins to slaughter its fellow Titans. Could this new monster be a blessing in disguise, or is the truth something much more sinister?

This volume of Attack on Titan includes special extras after the story!

Chapters list :
5. A Dull Glow in the Midst of Despair
6. The World that the Girl Saw
7. Small Blade
8. Roar
9. The Beating of a Heart Can Be Heard

Title:Attack on Titan, Vol. 2
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Raeleen Lemay

    AWESOMENESS. I'm really loving this series... I'm halfway through the anime now, so one of these days I'll get ahead of the show, but as of right now I knew everything that was going to happen in this...

  • Nicole

    Okay this one was better than vol 1 yet the art is still bad. I just think the anime is better even for this volume. But I'm quite enjoying it so far! I'll probably catch up with the manga sooner than...

  • Mario

    This series is beyond amazing. I liked this volume even better than the first one. Amazing characters, great plot and brilliant art style.Can't wait to read the third one (hopefully they'll translate ...

  • Sarah

    “I'm sorry Eren. . . I can't. . . Give up. If I die now. . . I won't even be able to remember you. So no matter what. . . I'm going to win! Whatever I have to do, I'm going to live!!” I love this...

  • Bradley

    Now comes the action, action, strife, and more action. And don't forget the big reveal!Neon Genesis Evangelion flashbacks, anyone? This is the volume where it gets good. :)...

  • Shannon

    2nd reading: still feeling about the same as I originally did.~Original review:Well ... I was sort of right with my guess in the spoiler of my review of the first book.Still not loving the story all t...

  • Annie

    I'm already loving this series so much! ...

  • isabelle

    Someone hold me....

  • Darkshadow

    Animede yarattığı etkinin aynısını yarattı; yine malum sahneler kalbimi kırdı, içimi burktu. Japonya'nın George R.R. Martin'i, zalim Hajime Isayama!...

  • Rob

    Story This is the part of the series that really started to suck me in. While Eren can be a bit frustrating at time, I absolutely love Mikasa. She might be my new favorite female character in all of ...