Kozart Review

Kozart Savage is the world’s biggest rock star.
At twenty-five, he’s got it all. Money. Fame. And the adoration of fans everywhere.
He thought that was enough to make him forget his past.
Enough to transform his distrusting heart.
Turns out that’s not how it works...
Then he meets a bridesmaid hiding out in a hotel bar.
Probably the only girl on the planet who doesn’t know who he is.
But she seems to be the one girl who can give him something no one else can.

Aubrey Prescott just discovered her boyfriend cheating—at her sister’s wedding.
Trying to escape humiliation, she seeks refuge in a hotel bar.
While trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of what was supposed to be an amazing senior year in college, a handsome stranger interrupts her wallowing.
A stranger who quickly makes her forget why she’s there.
One who, after an unforgettable night, disappears without a second glance.

But walking away doesn’t always mean letting someone go.


    Kozart Reviews

  • Dali

    If you’re looking for a book the seamlessly blends wit, steaminess and the appeal of college romance, you can’t go wrong with Kozart, J. Nathan’s latest title. Kozart Savage is a bona fide rock ...

  • Jennifer

    ARC received for reviewA great friends to lovers story. Kozart had a sh!t childhood and Aubrey had a sh!t night. As their friendship develops so does their love. Of course, there has to be rock star d...

  • Deborah

    This for me is the perfect example of a 3* read.It’s a nice easy, enjoyable book. It has likeable characters and a feel good ending.While as a rule I’m not a fan or rock star or sports star romanc...

  • The Book Bee

    REVIEW: 4.5 STARS"I want to text you every day and talk to you every night." The minute I read this synopsis, I knew I had to read it. I am always looking for the next rockstar book to make me fall i...

  • Tracy  C

    3.5 stars. I really enjoyed Kozart and Aubrey's story. It was such a good mix of humor and heartache. Especially Kozart and his past. His character progression was great. I just had a problem with the...

  • ????? ?? ilikebooksbest.com ??

    Very good new adult rockstar romanceI completely enjoyed this romance between jaded rockstar Kozart “Z” Savage and college student Aubrey who meet in the bar at a hotel after Kozart starts getting...

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    "Because he would break my heart. Maybe not purposely, but it was inevitable." As I've come to expect from this author, once I started reading putting the book down was no longer an option. She threw...

  • Shannon

    Kozart was a great take on the rockstar story. I liked that this was a bit different, a bit sweeter than many of the books you’ll find in this trope. Kozart, the man, isn’t your typical manwhore r...

  • Aly

    I loved this book! I've read J. Nathan's For You series and really liked it, but this blows those out of the water! Kozart and Aubrey were amazing characters, well developed with great chemistry. The ...

  • Paula White

    I was gifted a copy for an honest review.I love a rock star book and I really enjoyed this one. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. Kozart and Aubrey meet - she has no idea who he is and she was m...