The Symbolism of Evil

The Symbolism of Evil Review

The Primary Symbols: Defilement, Sin, Guilt
Phenomenology of Confession
Recapitulation of the Symbolism of Evil in the Concept of the
Servile Will
The Symbolic Function of Myths
The Drama of Creation & the Ritual Vision of the World
The Wicked God & the Tragic Vision of Existence
The Adamic Myth & the Eschatological Vision of History
The Cycle of the Myths
The Myth of the Exiled Soul & Salvation Thru Knowledge
The Symbol Gives Rise to Thought

Title:The Symbolism of Evil
Edition Language:English

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    The Symbolism of Evil Reviews

  • David M

    'The whole is the false' - AdornoFrom his own very different perspective, Paul Ricoeur would agree. This is why evil is the philosophically privileged symbol. It gives the lie to wholeness - the limit...

  • Erik Graff

    My stepbrother handed me a paper entitled "The Myth of Redemptive Violence" by Walter Wink yesterday. Reading it reminded me of his assignment of Ricoeur's The Symbolism of Evil during my first class ...

  • Mark

    I would like to read this book again. Ricoeur is just too deep and profound.I would like to read Ricoeur seriously at some other time....

  • Melissa

    I read "The Symbolism of Evil" in a seminar class in college. This is not light reading and I found it frustrating at times to decipher; however, when I took the time to read each line carefully and w...

  • Carl

    I want to get to this one day. I've previously read an article by Ricoeur on the subject of evil which I liked (and just bought a hard copy version of it-- though you can find it on JSTOR I believe, u...

  • Chris

    If this book is a good demonstration of phenomenology, then phenomenology is a series of arrogant assumptions, linguistic fallacies, and logical fallacies....

  • Gabriel

    If I remember correctly this book gets medieval on your ass....

  • John Hawkins

    I read this in college in January 1976. The first part has stuck with me. The difference between signs and symbols have helped me in many areas of life....

  • Deb

    Dense, but fascinating for its content and for Ricoeur's (early) method of reading Scripture....

  • Michael Mayor

    Seminal work on language, metaphor, and symbol. Essential to my development as a theological thinker and preacher....